mardi 22 juillet 2008

[Telemusic] - TM 3083 - Sauveur Mallia - Cosmosynthetic Vol. 1 (1981)

THAT is the LP of the week if you ask me.. Early 80s electro sounds & synths as we all like 'em ! SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sauveur Mallia - A1 - Radium One
Sauveur Mallia - A2 - Double Micron
Sauveur Mallia - A3 - Synthetic Neutron
Sauveur Mallia - A4 - Digital Proton

Sauveur Mallia - B1 - Uranium Astral
Sauveur Mallia - B2 - Cosmos Nickel
Sauveur Mallia - B3 - Grand Manganese
Sauveur Mallia - B4 - Plutonium Stop
Sauveur Mallia - B5 - Silicium Spatial

Archigram's rip @ 320
A R.E.A.L HUNTER this Archigram ! THANKS !


8 commentaires:

basso a dit…

yes archigram, it really looks pretty good. that cosmosynthetics indeed are brilliant. thanks mr. durango!

tornadoom a dit…

heavy heavy heavy! thx

Anonymous a dit…

Any chance you could post any of the following by Laurence Vanay?

Magic's Shows
Les Soleils de la Vie
La Petite Fenetre

Been looking for years. Lovin' the Teddy Lasry, Joel Vandroogenboeck, etc. Thanks a bunch.


Anonymous a dit…

great! thanks Archigram & Paul

ufo a dit…

Great, great posts! A treasure trove of grooves that i've never heard before. Thanx so much for your efforts!

Anonymous a dit…

Is there any chance reupload this with other share site? zshare keeps looping...

Paul Durango a dit…

updated** RS link .. zshare keeps looping indeed sometimes..

uh Clem a dit…

"Digital Proton" sounds amazingly similar to a certain Devo song that was in rotation on MTV in 1981... what a funny coincidence.