mercredi 9 février 2011

Derek Austin, your new library music friend

[Programme Music] - PM 009 - Derek Austin - Further Faces (1975)

[JW Theme Music] - JW 444 - Derek Austin - Synthasia (1980)

Who has more is a champion. Feel free to post links in the Comments



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house303 a dit…

Welcome back and thank you!

Sound Music Album 409 - Derek Austin - Golden Ring Records (1983)

Posted here first:

Vinyl Room a dit…

The file or page you tried to access is no longer accessible.


house303 a dit…

The megaupload file works nicely with me.

Vinyl Room a dit…

It's ok, it was a cookie setting I had in place, now sorted.


Dirkson a dit…

Hey! Long time no see, but happy to know yer still there :-)


neelnkizmiaz a dit…

Greetings from San Francisco. Glad you're back with your amazing music. DJ Neel N. Kizmiaz.

aceha1 a dit…

Thank you for all that you have done, sir!

Manuel a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour ton blog.
je suis curieux, pourquoi s' appelle-t-il ValVerde? ce n' est pas par le petit village nord de los angeles, n' est ce pas?

Korla a dit…

Thank you!

house303 a dit…

Here's another one for your listening pleasure: It's "Power Supply" on JW Theme Music.

Originally posted here:

Paul Durango a dit…

@ Manuel: Val Verde est un pays imaginaire présent dans qqs films de bon goût des années 80:


Anonyme a dit…

searching whole internet by google for a KOKA album I reached here.

I found traces ofthe album but no links.

Michel Garnier - Jean Pierre Dumas
Weather and time- Koka Vol.44

Please I need the link.



John Bishop a dit…

Paul, I found additional tracks for all three season of the "Breaking Bad" bootlegs.

mhdotcom a dit…

Help to identify some hot melodic cuts from the 80's

maddie0147 a dit…

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.



Buzz a dit…

sadly MU is down. Is there any chance to reup to another hoster like rs maybe ?
Thx so much for all you do (and did) ! Great, great music i would have never been able to listen to, otherwise!!!!! TREASURES!

Paul Durango a dit…

I don't have time to re-up; try soulseek if you wanna grab them!

Peace a dit…

nice music pics