samedi 16 octobre 2010

the greatest library music blog right now

Away from the library biz for a few months I went back last week and .. hmm .. Boy!!

I just scored around 50 great (FRESH) shares from it..

Everything you like and more on it.. (70s grooves, mid 80s cheesy electro, ambient stuff..).


Keep up the great work!

(and in other news.. my short film is online..)

5 commentaires:

litlgrey a dit…

Did you listen to that Charles Talar Ted Atking he posted yet? I haven't, but later today I will.

Killa a dit…

I do concur!!!

Pornotrond a dit…

Hi Paul, thanks for the shoutout! Loved your film, great music :)

Dirkson a dit…

The Trond is one hell of a Master. :-)

the saucer people a dit…

Good to see you giving some love & kudos to Pornotrond...along with Library Hunt, Mutant Sounds and a few other blogs,they have turned me on to so much truly great music I had no idea even existed...may the gods bless you all!