mardi 26 octobre 2010

READ -- massive updates on blogs

Time for changes : in 3-5 weeks, I'm planning to merge the following blogs with :

ALL content/links will be moved to
will no longer exist.
will end up being a 'real blog' about the music I make.

I'm doing this because i'm gonna release some music soon so I intend to have 2 separate blogs :
- a blog about me creating stuff, news, reviews, anything... a 'real' blog
- and a blog about free forgotten stuff

=> You have a few weeks to update your bookmarks, links, subscriptions etc..

Once the merge completed, I'll upload a bunch of new stuff on

Stay tuned,



3 commentaires:

-0- a dit…

Moving is always difficult. Best of luck!

00100 a dit…

Very good. Thanks for the heads up, I'm glad I stopped by here after all these weeks!

noelakadjtambour a dit…

wow!!! so fast and looks great. thanks for all the hard work! very much appreciated.

please re-up music bazaar, nilovic/debout