mardi 26 octobre 2010

this blog is gonna be the next good thing

I'm gonna merge


into this one

stay tuned.. i'll upload some fresh stuff when done.


7 commentaires:

Joe a dit…

new address added to my GReader, looking forward to what you'll be posting

the saucer people a dit…

Damn! someone beat me to the first post of the new blog! I thought it would be like the shop sales....y'know, queue up a couple of weeks beforehand, camp out and you get rewarded with the entire Sonoton, Coloursound, De Wolfe, IM, Bruton & Rouge library record output!!!

Anyway, I wish you all the best with both new ears are peeled and Valverde is bookmarked and ready to click!

Do your regular visitors become Valverde Brothers (and occasional sisters) or is that only after midnight ;)

00100 a dit…

Can't wait.

Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo" a dit…

Hola Paul! I'm still here with you! I just found you now! I thought you disappeared! When I get time I should unload the zillions of Brutons I have. Time is not kind to me though.

Paul Durango a dit…


I don't have much time to update the blogs but eventually I will..



re-bop a dit…

check this Jean Yanne mash-up

re-bop a dit…

check out this Jean Yanne mashu-up: