mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Jim Helms - Kung Fu Soundtrack (1973)

Jim Helms - A1 - Caine's Theme
Jim Helms - A2 - The Shaolin Temple - The New Student - Ten Times Ten
Jim Helms - A3 - The Ancient Warrior - Shawn's Theme
Jim Helms - A4 - A Children's Game - Divine Strength
Jim Helms - A5 - Alethea - Su Yen
Jim Helms - B1 - Grasshopper
Jim Helms - B2 - Power Of The Other - The Lotus Pond - One with Nature
Jim Helms - B3 - Dark Angel (Hymn)
Jim Helms - B4 - On Evil - The Peaceful Path - Time Of The Soul
Jim Helms - B5 - Kingof The Mountain - An Eye For An Eye
Jim Helms - B6 - The Search
Jim Helms - B7 - Sign Of The Dragon


7 commentaires:

cheeba a dit…

one less to rip from vinyl! thanks!

Anonymous a dit…

Oh man this is so cool! I can just feel that blazing hot desert sun as Caine continues ever onward in his journey across the lands..ACROSS TIME!!!

Thanks Paul Durango! You satisfy like Casanova satisfies a woman :D


Martino a dit…

Ahhh! This remember me when I was a child... I love the Caine's Theme. Thanks a lot.

Paul Durango a dit…

nu link :

nowy a dit…

thank you very much for this one!

the caine's theme is amazing


Anonymous a dit…

I have this album,and it`s signed by David Carridine,but i no longer have a record player,so this makes my day!Thanks so much,now that David is gone,it is unlikly i will part with the album i have,but with that it is also unlikely i will purchase a record player

so this for me is great


the saucer people a dit…

Ahh the Kung-Fu television show from the early of my earlist cathode ray memories and the music was clearly imprinted in my consciousness as the mental image of the late David Carridine's shiny bald head floats into view!

I think even for those people who were not around for this show can still enjoy the album as there are some great spoken word tracks; perfect for sampling or using as an all important first song on your homemade mix tape/CD/MP3 or whatever it is 'the kids' use these days.

I did find a 320 rip of this in case anyone is interested...this blog has given me so many great records I do like to do my bit whenever I get the chance.