mercredi 23 juillet 2008

Don't forget your KPMs !

All righty guys ; today i present you 4 rare KPMs I found recently thanks to our super duper friend pokemi !

KPM 1102 - Ron Geesin - Electrosound (1972)
19 experimental electro tracks -- rather surprising for a (the ?) so-called mainstream label !
You'll have to check it out.
78 Mb @ 256 kbps
Then, regular (yet pretty hard-to-find) releases :
KPM 1137 - VA - Great Expectations (1974)
Great brassy and classy tracks by various gurus :
A1. Keith Mansfield - Express Delivery
A2. Brian Bennett - New Horizons
A3. John Fiddy - Panther
A4. Johnny Pearson - Busy Aggregation
A5. Johnny Pearson - Taking Shape
A6. John Scott - Fields Of Energy
A7. John Scott - Exchange Of Rhetoric
A8. Neil Richardson - Light Technology
A9. Neil Richardson - The String Machine
B1. Johnny Pearson - International Passport
B2. Neil Richardson - Great Expectations
B3. John Scott - Taste For Adventure
B4. John Scott - Grand Scale
B5. John Scott - Congress
B6. John Fiddy - Award To Industry
B7. Neil Richardson - Nation Wide
B8. Neil Richardson - Affairs Of State
57 Mb

KPM 1044 - Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield - The Big Beat (1969)
imo, one of the best KPM ever and now in 320 kbps !

75 Mb

KPM 1228 - Keith Mansfield - Ideas In Action Vol. 1 (1979)

Mostly disco pop short cues .. Very short and interesting LP ; it makes 1979 a key year to understand the changes between 70s and 80s library.. (and in media in general ;-) )

24 Mb @ 192 kbps / 22 tracks / 17'40


Remember that your old friend 'The Offline Vintage Library Emporium' is always on the watch !

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Killa a dit…

Thanks, love Benett,Hawkshaw,Pearson shit all of Kpm.Great site alot of people just have no clue on how great alot of this library music is.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta a dit…


sweetbeats a dit…

Fantastic Blog Mister,I got into library stuff via the ready steady boogaloo compilation which I stumbled across For £2 brand new about 10 years ago still kept the recipt in the sleeve a load of easy/lounge/library on record and cd that I will get around to ripping one of the days...timeless tunes
Keep up the Good Work Jason !

Vinyl Room a dit…

KPM 1137 - VA - Great Expectations (1974)and KPM 1044 - Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield - The Big Beat (1969) seem to be unavailable.