lundi 21 juillet 2008

The 'other' Paul Durango on wordpress situation.. UPDATED & CLOSED

Here's my first post responding to Aesop, another music blogger who sent me about 20 angry messages claiming i took posts and links from his blog without any permission :
Aesop seems to think i'm some kind of an evil blogger.
Nice work of posting a shitload of comments here and on 36-15-moog as :

"You write this or is this more content stolen from other blogs?
We're on to you. "

"What blog did you steal this from?"
Well.. Indeed. Most of the stuff i post here i didn't rip.
But some are mine.
If the original uploader want a mention of his name and/or blog, he asks and i add it.
We don't do it for the money or the fame, pal.
For those of you who don't know, Paul has a blog here:
That's not true.
I don't know this url and I don't know that blog.
The guy who's posting is 'Paul Durango' but that's not me.
Seriously, can you make a connection between what he's posting and what i'm posting ??!!
I can't.
1998 prog rock.
You'll have to put a gun on me to make me listen to that.
Most of the stuff i download i get it from slsk.
And most of the time, guys remove the shortcut leading to the original blog and/or the text file saying who ripp'd it..
That's how it works nowadays.
It's probably sad but the point of music blogs is to spread the goodies all over the planet..
Sharing the goodies with guys you'll probably never meet and who the same kind of taste in music.
And that's it.
You can have a different view on the subject and I respect it.
Aesop then realized this Paul Durango wasn't me and that this nasty blog was stealing alot of messages from alot of different blogs.. the problem is that he's using MY alias !
Type 'Paul Durango' in google and you may end up with this crappy blog..
The next day, I sent a message to worldpress..
( )
I'm the REAL Paul Durango, music blogger on blogspot :

Someone is stealing posts, pics and content from me and another music blogger nicknamed Aesop :


Hundreds of posts are created by a 'Paul Durango' who isn't me.. He's apparently stealing posts from various blogs and bloggers are sending me very angry emails (that's comprehensible....)

This blog doesn't make sense anyway ; there are 1415 posts and.. 0 comment.. Is it some kind of a sick warez / spyware site ; you think you download some music and you get a virus instead ?! I don't know, I don't care and I don't have time for this.

I registered to in order to post some comments on this site and it won't let me register.. That's odd.. Perhaps it's using the brand wordpress to legitimate its nasty business..

Here's the related post on my blog :

and the one on Aesop's :

(and this very post is now (a few hours after its original posting) displayed on ! how sick is that ?!)

Thank you in advance for removing this blog and REMOVE THIS PAUL DURANGO USER FROM YOUR DB
Please, CLEAR my name from this mess asap !


Paul Durango


Adress your complaints regarding to (not .com) and/or anyone you'll find relevant !


Case closed.

11 commentaires:

Aesop a dit…

Excellent. So you are not responsible for this blog which bears your name and posts urging people to check out your other blogs Library Cunt and 36-15 Moog? I find that notion ridiculous. Do what thou will, you are insignificant. You are busted.

Aesop a dit…

Yes, I am clear now and have offered my sincerest apologies. Thanks, Nazgul.

Aesop a dit…

Downmining is amassing content from a number of sources. They obviously mine from Paul's blogs and used his name to register their Word Press account. As much of an ass as I feel like, it is an honest and fair assumption on my part. It is rather unfortunate for Paul to be associated with this mess, what a nightmare.

Aesop a dit…

I'm writing to the host, hopefully I can get it removed. Again, I am very very sorry. Let me know if I can make it up to you. Thanks for understanding and for NOT being a plagiarizing scumbag.

UncleDiss a dit…

Yeah, this AESOP twat needs to shut up, go home & change his diapers.... We're on your side PAUL & love what you've been doing... Thanks for all you've done thus far...

Aesop a dit…

Aesop a dit…

According to the host he has been warned and if all stolen content is not removed by Friday evening he will have his account suspended. I seriously doubt it but I am holding them to it.

aceha1 a dit…

I'm behind you 100% Paul.. keep doing what you do!!!!

Phillip a dit…

He's gone now.

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