jeudi 17 juillet 2008

2 old KPMs

If you're into early KPM, you'll dig those.. very much orchestral, cinematic and brassy.. lots of tracks from Johnny Pearson and David Francis..

KPM 1026 - VA - Orchestral Kaleidoscope (1968)
18 tracks @ 192 kbps / 52 Mb

KPM 1040 - Theme Suites II - Viewpoints in Orchestral Dynamics (1968)
25 tracks @ 192 kbps (lots of short versions..) / 55 Mb

2 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

Stunning work. Really takes me to another world of beauty and enjoyment. This will go great as background music to my favorite computer games MORROWIND and OBLIVION. Thanks! :D


aceha1 a dit…

go paul go!!