mercredi 16 juillet 2008

[Rouge] - RMSLP 141 - Astral Sounds - Hercules (1982)

My rip !
Chris Evans-Ironside - A1 - Hercules
Chris Evans-Ironside - A2 - Unknown Aliens
Chris Evans-Ironside - A3 - Ferrari
Chris Evans-Ironside - A4 - Ritmo
Chris Evans-Ironside - A5 - Skydiver
Chris Evans-Ironside - B1 - Crablogger
Chris Evans-Ironside - B2 - Banners I
Chris Evans-Ironside - B3 - Banners II
Chris Evans-Ironside - B4 - Relayer
Chris Evans-Ironside - B5 - Malmesbury
Chris Evans-Ironside - B6 - Malmesbury Echoes
74 Mb @ 320 kbps

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devan72 a dit…

Thank You, Thank You Paul!

aceha1 a dit…

hot hot hot

the saucer people a dit…

It doesn't seem to matter what wild obscure micro-genre of an artist I look for, about ten percent of the time Paul Durango will have a hand in it somewhere...It pains me as a fellow "Paul" to suggest a name change but to me you are "Metatron", the recording angel..whenever I invoke you, I find such sonic obscurities that I never thought I would ever hear again in a lifetime of searching unless I paid outrageous prices..the Astral Sounds albums, wonderful, I am already floating on a sea of analogue bliss..thanks again mate!

the saucer people a dit…

Has anyone ever come across the 1980 Astral Sounds album "Space Drive" at all? Or the Chris Evans-Ironside 1978 single under the name 'Synthi & Gert' and the track is called "Ghostman" (its deliriously catchy that involves the refrain "He's the ghostman" repeated a million times or so)......if I am going to ask anywhere, this is the place!