vendredi 18 juillet 2008

[Montparnasse 2000] - MP 124 - Roger Davy & Albert Assayag - Régénération (1979)

This one is stunning.. Full of ambient vintage synths tricks & arpeggios.
Dry leads and nasty beats on some tracks.
One of the album of the moment.
Highly recommended !
A1 - Roger Davy - Strings
A2 - Roger Davy - Poursuite Dans La Nuit
A3 - Roger Davy - Régénération
A4 - Roger Davy - Stress
A5 - Roger Davy & Albert Assayag - Triangulation
B1 - Roger Davy - Blizzard Sur Hurlemont
B2 - Roger Davy - Olvidar
B3 - Roger Davy - Wake Up Suddenly
B4 - Roger Davy - Recorder
B5 - Roger Davy & Albert Assayag - Simulation
68 Mb @ 320 kbps

6 commentaires:

Nick a dit…

Looks great but be advised the suffix is truncated from .rar to .ra on Mediafire (perhaps because of the long filename?), so your browser may decide to try to open it with Realplayer... saving to disk and changing the suffix works just fine.


Air Ron a dit…

Hi Paul, thanks for the massive piles of amazing music you've been throwing into the universe. You've turned me into a Roger Roger fanatic!

archigram a dit…

Glad you like it. Here's the cover:

It is my rip, so I apologize for the slight buzzing on some tracks. I believe my stylus cartridge is faulty.

archigram a dit…

Also, just to note: Roger Davy is not Roger Roger. Davy is/was primarily a guitarist/composer.

lalaumiere a dit…

the link is fucking dead :(

Pete G a dit…

reup pls!!!!