jeudi 31 juillet 2008

Harry Thumann - Andromeda (1982)

Harry Thumann - 01 - Andromeda
Harry Thumann - 02 - I'm Happy To Be In The Sun
Harry Thumann - 03 - Out Of Tune
Harry Thumann - 04 - Welcome Back, Jolette
Harry Thumann - 05 - Bitch
Harry Thumann - 06 - Paris 1944
Harry Thumann - 07 - Sphinx
Harry Thumann - 08 - Living On A Farm
It's Christmas at 320 kbps.

6 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

Very, very nice. A rare classic.

Sean a dit…

Great stuff! Thnx

REED a dit…

my girl is from detroit... shes all over it.


i have not stopped listening to this since the download. it's incredible.

Anonymous a dit…

really nice to have but I HATE when people use noise and click removal software on their vinyl rips, most of the time they don't know how to do it right. maybe there are no pops and less surface noise but overall the sound quality of the music suffers! it all sounds dull and lifeless, no transient peaks on the percussion, no brightness or air... it's like a blanket over the speakers. everyone, we appreciate your rips but please don't use noise reduction, just make a nice clean transfer with no processing, it's better for everyone.

julius kaspar a dit…

Merci! Je ne trouve pas n'importe où, sauf Cette sur votre blog merci quand même pour le post ur!