mardi 22 juillet 2008

[Montparnasse 2000] - MP 14 - Jean-Jacques Robert - Delirius Music [197x]

This one features some crazy vocal pop & very nices vibes !
Various tones and music genres yet same greatness in sound. Nicely produced.

litlgrey uploaded this gem ! Thx a bunch and keep hunting !

A-01 Tipicos (samba)
A-02 Rose et Bleu (bossa nova)
A-03 Magicial blues (blues)
A-04 Vision pop (Pop waltz)
A-05 Thousand galaxies (jerk)
A-06 Delirius pop (slow)

B-01 Chimerial blues (blues)
B-02 Erotic night (slow)
B-03 Evatorium (medium pop)
B-04 Diaphane (medium avec voix)
B-05 Love call (erotic song)
B-06 Hight tension (erotic song)

12 tracks @ 320 kbps / 77 Mb

5 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

This file is corrupt.

Paul Durango a dit…

works fine.

clu a dit…

thanks a lot guys, my library is growing = D = D

picpoul a dit…

Woah ça a été vite! terrrrible! MERCI!!!!

purple_Crayons a dit…


i love the cover, too. thanks for this one~~~