vendredi 11 juillet 2008

Bruce Baxter - Extraits de L'Opéra-Rock Tommy [Pickwick MPD 008] (197x)

My very first vinyl rip.
Just processed it yesterday..

A bunch of covers of The Who's Tommy by easy listening synth'd french fellows somewhere in France around 1972.. (no mention of the year so it's a wild guess.. between the 1969 original lp and the 1975 movie)

Here's the tracklisting :

A1 - It's A Boy
A2 - You Didn't Hear It
A3 - Amazing Journey
A4 - Christmas
A5 - The Acid Queen
B1 - Pinball Wizard
B2 - Smash The Mirror
B3 - I'm Free
B4 - We're Not Gonna Take It
B5 - See Me, Feel Me

Only infos available here regards performers (vocalists) : Tony Rivers, Mick Trounce, Martha Smith & John Perry and production : arrgts by Bruce Baxter and synths by Ken Freeman & Bruce Baxter.

Here it is at 320 kbps (of course!)
73 Mb

It's an old record, not in very good shape.
Not that dusty (i tried to clean it the best I could) but simply much used..
For your info, i used Izotope De-pop De-click De-noise software and found it very very effective (kinda pro compared to cheap stuff..)
Then, a bit of remastering with Waves C-1 comp, L-3 and a Q-10 eq

I made a 'Before&After processing Izotope and Waves plug-ins' package, giving you the opportunity to listen to 2 versions of track A2 before and after digital processing.. You could find it here (2 tracks @ 320 kbps / 12 Mb) :

> ADVICES and any technical tricks are more than welcome !

If I have some positive feedbacks about all that, I'll do more very soon ! (just got my hands on around 30 killer lps - mostly library - never digitalized....I'm SURE I'll do more but I can post stuff here or not....)


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