jeudi 26 juin 2008

Paul Durango - A few tracks FROM ME TO YA !

Now for a few tracks I did with my fingers!
Feel free to leave any comments.....
Hope you'll like those!
Paul Durango - 01 - Nazarenko
Paul Durango - 02 - Lily Allen's Smile Undercover (feat. Alden Volney)
Paul Durango - 03 - Zero
Paul Durango - 04 - die Fehlerzahl
Paul Durango - 05 - Ask Vernon Wells (feat. Alden Volney)
37 Mb @ 320 kbps (tant qu'à faire..)

3 commentaires:

khoral a dit…

Ha, nice!
My favorite is Zero, and the funky flavor of the closing track
I'm totally into that kind of vintagy stuff;)
Keep them coming if you have more

Bigboobeddude a dit…

great, especially track 2 and 5.

vincent a dit…

Paul Durango you'rz so cool i could kiss your bare ass