mardi 10 juin 2008

Okko - Sitar & Electronics (1971)

Many thx to K.A.13 for this one!
01 - Ganges Delta
02 - Himalaya Highway
03 - East Indian Traffic
04 - If I Needed Someone
05 - Shivas Lullaby
06 - Painted Sails on Ganges
07 - Santana
08 - A Day in the Life
47 Mb @ 192 kbps
Password is PHS_BR-okko

5 commentaires:

David Lush a dit…

Paul.....I tried the link. Says webpage does not exsist.. I would like this.. Nice if you can get it and upload to Mediafire. Go to Davespoint there are some file there for you. David Lush..

Aaron a dit…

Worked for me. THANK you for this!

Anonymous a dit…

wow! thanx so much for sharing all of these fantastic records!

Mo a dit…

Thanks for finding the album. It's fantastic!

funkymonkey a dit…

many thanx! (been lookin' for quite awhile)
its just amazing how unbelievably modern they sounds ! thanx again 4 generous sharing!