mercredi 4 juin 2008

Charles Dodge - Synthesized Voices (1976)

This one isn't moog (at all) but still very interesting !
01 - Charles Dodge - In Celebration
02 - Charles Dodge - Speech Songs - When I am With You
03 - Charles Dodge - Speech Songs - He Destroyed Her Image
04 - Charles Dodge - Speech Songs - A Man Sitting In the Cafeteria
05 - Charles Dodge - Speech Songs - The Days are Ahead
06 - Charles Dodge - The Story of Our Lives
72 Mb / 33' / 320 kbps

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litlgrey a dit…

Charles Dodge holds a place as a pioneer in speech synthesis and his electronic music is always worth a listen. Also check out his work - if you can find it anymore - on the Nonesuch Explorer label, such as "Time's Encomium." Delicious stuff, frequently with a touch of humor.

litlgrey a dit…

Good luck with finding any of those, man... I'd like to hear any or all of them myself.

Anonymous a dit…

Apparently taken from the (still active) Closet of Curiosities Is it just lazieness that you don't give any credits for other bloggers' work or is it sheer presumptuousness? Franklin

Anonymous a dit…

Charles Dodge's work is not on vocoder but relatively earlier voice synthesis software. If we're going to get technical.

litlgrey a dit…

Correct. Dodge was a pioneer in the development of voice synthesis software.

Anonymous a dit…

Also getting picky: Time's Enconium was by Charles Wuorinen.

Traitor Vic a dit…

Beautiful!!! How did I miss this when it was first posted? Thanks to Pecks Spet Rips I've found it now.

This record was available from my local library when I was a kid and I kept it checked out nearly all the time.

Thanks for letting me hear it again!

Likedeeler a dit…

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Incredible. Wow!