jeudi 19 juin 2008

Ananda Shankar - Sitar Meets Moog (1970)

Well, Sitar meets Moog.
And we're grateful they do.
Ananda Shankar - 01 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Ananda Shankar - 02 - Snow Flower
Ananda Shankar - 03 - Light My Fire
Ananda Shankar - 04 - Mamata (Affection)
Ananda Shankar - 05 - Metamorphosis
Ananda Shankar - 06 - Sagar (The Ocean)
Ananda Shankar - 07 - Dance Indra
Ananda Shankar - 08 - Raghupati
41 Mb @ 128 kbps

8 commentaires:

LOBO a dit…

Décidemment. Je connais que deux titres d'Ananda Shankar "Streets of Calcutta" et "Dancing drum" qui sont deux tueries psyché funk et que j'adore. Merci pour ce post, je vais écouter ça avec attention.

Michael a dit…

Thank you so much!
Very nice!

Bwanasonic a dit…

Wikipedia describes this as "an enduring cult classic", and now I know why! Really nice, thank you.

v ed a dit…

wow. wasn't really expecting it but this is actually really nice! thanks!

KUMAR a dit…

Excellent !
Thankyou !

BTW , Where was this album recorded ?
Who were the artistes other than Anand Shankar who have played/worked in this album ?

Great job , Cheers !

thoth a dit…

uncommon combination of instruments. look forward to taking a listen. thank you so much for sharing.

Apostrophe a dit…

this is an amazing find. is there any way to get a higher quality recording?

Zer0_II a dit…

@Apostrophe: You can find this posted on my blog in 320kbps mp3 @