jeudi 5 juin 2008

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company (1970-1973)

01 - Ceres Motion (1973)
02 - Cloudscape for Peggy (1970)
03 - Music (1972)
04 - Train (1970)
05 - Easter (1970)
2 parts / 320 kbps

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Michael a dit…

Thank you so much!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta a dit…


Anonymous a dit…

simply amazing, thanks for this quality rip!

Troy a dit…

Thanks for posting this, I've always loved their music, reminds me of Philip Glass, albeit more playful.
Hard to find their music, they deserve to be better known.

Great blog!

hulaboy a dit…

Mahalo nui loa!

DLewiston a dit…

David Borden of Mother Mallard recommends "Moog Opus No.1" by ambient musician David Gerard. He is a 25-year veteran of electronic music, and you can hear his appreciation for MMPMC on this 2007 release, as well as on his 2005 release, "Ambientism." In fact, Moog Opus's "Harpischord Motion" is an amalgam of Mallard titles "Harpischord Truck" and "Ceres Motion."

shawn phase a dit…

thanks for upping this for the new generation! i dont like the new cover they made for it though, hehe.