jeudi 27 mars 2008

VC People (Claude Larson) - Galactic Classics (1979)

Space mooged italo disco.
Two tracks of 18 minutes each!
50 Mo @ 192 kbps
VC People - Mystery of Bomarzo (1980)
> Electronic Music with vocoders and stuff by Claude Larson and Manuel Landy.

4 commentaires:

Samuel Clark a dit…

Would you be willing to put some Klaus Netzle here if you have any? Thanks.

n8w8 (nightwatch) a dit…

Mystery Of Bomarzo can be found on my blog

Anonymous a dit…

Amazing !
thank you for sharing

Anonymous a dit…

Years ago i had a record called BACH FOR COMPUTER from CARLOS FUTURA discogs says, that its another alias of Claude Larson. Anyone has a source for the Carlos Futura LP ?