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Dee. D Jackson, the woman.

. covers are ugly for sure!.. those are BOOTLEGS ! Sound is great anyway and that all that matters, right ?
After years working for other artists, Jackson released her first single - "Man of a Man" (1978), but this has not been included in any of her albums.
The single did not get the public's attention.
Her next attempt was the release of her biggest single ever, "Automatic Lover" (also 1978), a hit all over the world. A futuristic song about a robot who falls in love with an intergalactic girl, the song reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart, #1 in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Japan.
In Brazil the success was so huge that the Brazilian media produced its own version of Dee D. Jackson. A Brazilian girl (Regina Shakti) dressed like Jackson, and along with her robot and a meteor man, were introduced on TV programs there as the real Dee D. Jackson (to avoid royaltys problems, Regina was introduced as D. Dee Jackson).

In 1978 she released her first album Cosmic Curves, a science fiction / disco LP, produced by Gary Unwin and his wife Patty. The second single from Cosmic Curves was released later that year. It was a song named "Meteor Man", another big hit in Argentine, Brazil, Europe and Japan. More modest airplay made it to reach #48 on the UK Singles Chart.

The following year Jackson released another single "Fireball". It failed to feature in the UK Chart, but enjoyed reasonable airplay in Italy, Germany, Brazil and Argentina.
After months of exhaustive promotion, travel, and TV appearances; Jackson spent two years before recording a new album.

Thunder & Lightning was released at the end of 1980. In Italy it was released under the name The Fantastic featuring a different album cover. This album followed the same style of the previous one. The first album single "SOS (Love To The Rescue)" failed again in the UK, but once more France, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Japan and Germany reacted somewhat more positively.

In the early 1980s Jackson moved to Los Angeles, and in 1981 a greatest hits album called Profile was released in Germany. But after spending only months living in the U.S., she relocated to Italy, and susequently released the singles "Talk Me Down" (1981), "Shotgun" (1982), "Moonlight Starlight" (1984), "Sweet Carillon" (1984) and "Heat of the Night" (1985). In 1988 "Automatic Lover" was remixed by Michael Cretu (Enigma) and released as a single entitled "Automatic Lover 88 Digital Max Mix", another hit in Japan.

A new album Blame It on The Rain was issued in 1995, with the attendant single release "People". She is currently married and living in Turin, Italy, where she owns a record company.

Cosmic Curves (1978)
"Automatic Lover"
"Red Flight"
"Galaxy of Love"
"Meteor Man"
"Venus, The Goddess of Love"
"Galaxy Police"
"Cosmic Curves"
"Falling Into Space"
+ Fireball + Automatic Lover (Remix)
part 2 : (4 last tracks)
Thunder & Lightning (1980)
"SOS (Love To The Rescue)"
"Which Way Is Up"
"Living In A Dream"
"Teach You How to Dance"
"Thunder & Lightning"
"Trail Blazer"
"Sky Walking"
"I'm Dying"
"Stop All This Madness"
Thunderdome (Best-Of)
01 Thunderdome (Messiah samples DDJ)
02 Cosmic Curves
03 Moonlight Starlight
04 Venus The Godess Of Love
05 Fireball (Extended Version)
06 S.O.S. (Love To The Rescue)
07 Galaxy Of Love
08 My Sweet Carillon (Extended Version)
09 Stop all this madness
10 Galaxy Police
11 Teach you how to dance
12 Meteor Man
13 Trail blazer
14 Automatic Lover (Extended Remix)
15 Living In A Dream
16 Falling into space
17 Which Way Is Up
part 2 : (6 last tracks)
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