jeudi 27 mars 2008

The Sound of Criss Cross - Classics Moog Indigo (1973)

This one is great.
A1 l'arlésienne ''ouverture''
A2 sonate XI
A3 le tambourin
A4 le barbier de séville ''air de figaro''
A5 danse norvégienne no 2
A6 guillaume tell ''ouverture''
B1 sonate pathétique ''adagio cantabile''
B2 marche turque
B3 habanera ''extrait de carmen''
B4 the fifth season
B5 badinerie ''extrait de la suite en si mineur''
B6 symphonie no 40
55 Mo / Good VBR

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Espen a dit…

Dear 36 15 MOOG-Man, you just made my day! I have been looking for this specific version of the song "danse norvégienne no 2" for many years. It was used as a jingle for a Norwegian TV show called " Norge rundt". This brings back so many good memories. Thank you so much! :-)