mercredi 19 mars 2008

Les Baxter - Moog Rock (1968)

01 Nocturne (Borodin)
02 Prelude in C minor (Rachmaninoff)
03 Fantasie impromptu (Chopin)
04 Piano concert #2 (Rachmaninoff)
05 Piano concert in A minor (Grieg)
06 Polovetskian dance (Borodin)
07 Prelude #4 in E minor (Chopin)
08 Clair de lune (Debussy)
09 Prelude #1 in C (Bach)
10 Prelude in E (Chopin)
39 Mo / VBR (thx Dirkson!) NU LINK !

4 commentaires:

pastor a dit…

Awesome blog! i love the Grieg track on this album, i must have stuck it in a zillion mixes. Thanks!

tauchsieder a dit…

milton jackson has sampled "Prelude #4 in E minor (Chopin)" for his "ghosts in my machine"

Lazar a dit…

Oh my God. Thank you so much for the great post :) Please feel free to say if you want me to reupload something to my site. Regards.

EclecticMuzikMan a dit…

This album is fantastic! I listen to it all the time.