mercredi 19 mars 2008

Brandenburg Big Band - Classics in Rhythm (1971)

From again i think..
Classik MOOG time!
a1 Hallelujah aus dem Messias (Händel)
a2 Largo aus dem Cembalo-Konzert Nr. 5 f-moll (Bach)
a3 Habanera aus Carmen (Bizet)
a4 cis moll Sonate (Mondschein, Beethoven)
a5 Alla Turka (türkischer March, Mozart)
a6 Sinfonie in g-moll, 1. Satz (Mozart)
b1 Toccata und Fuge in d-moll (Bach)
b2 Sinfonie in c-moll, 1. Satz (Beethoven)
b3 Zigeunertanz aus Carmen (Bizet)
b4 Schwanensee (Tschaikowsky)
b5 4. Sinfonie, 1. Satz (Brahms)
b6 Beat At The Philharmonic (Xanten-Sekura)
50 Mo / good VBR
Feel free to share some similar stuff !
Would be greatly appreciated !

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Strigoi77 a dit…

Wonderful. I spent a good part of yesterday sunday, trying to pass my scratchy LP to Mp3 format (I dont even know who bought it at home, this music haunted my childhood)Its great to see it in good quality. I specially love the Schwanensee, it brings images of dancing ghosts to my head