mercredi 19 mars 2008



You're familiar with the late 60's Popcorn instru i guess...


Here are packages from different versions from different decades i gathered..


FROM THE 70's > 31 versions

Gershon Kingsley, Hot Butter, Klaus Wünderlich, Rod Hunter, Bruce Haack, Frank Valdor & His Singers etc..

98 Mo / 31 tracks

FROM THE 80's > 11 versions

Shadowy Men, U96, M&H Band, Jean-Michel Jarre etc..

31 Mo / 11 tracks

FROM THE 90's > 8 versions

Aphex Twin, Bim Skala Bim, Ham Jammer, Voltage etc..

28,5 Mo / 8 tracks

Lots of fun ahead!

2 commentaires:

Martooni a dit…

Always been interested in hearing as many versions of this as I could find. Thank you for sharing your obsession! And the effort it took.


antonicus a dit…

Marvelous ! Fantastic ! Great ! Spetacular posts !
Thank You !