jeudi 27 mars 2008

Hans Wurman - Chopin À La Moog (1970)

Well.. Chopin À La Moog.
01 Minute Waltz
02 Etude in G-Sharp Minor
03 Ballade In G Minor
04 Mazurka In D
05 Etude In E
06 Waltz In A-Flat
07 Etude in C Minor
08 Etude In F Minor
09 Etude In A-Flat
10 Waltz In E Minor
11 Prelude In D Flat (Raindrop)
12 Waltz In C-Sharp Minor
51 Mo / Good VBR

2 commentaires:

Aetern a dit…

it's unique to find one with a title that plays on the correct pronunciation of Moog.

HungryFreaks a dit…

Thank you so much, with Wendy Carlos "Switched on Bach" this is the fundamental Moog record.