lundi 6 avril 2009

ZYX records : A few VERY interesting releases

Claudio Mingardi - Star (12', 1984)

'Medley of 'Star' (Robyx) with 'Starman' (Bowie)
'nuf said !

Hipnosis - Hipnosis (1984)
9 tracks LP. The REAL ITALO-DISCO..

P.L. - Space Dreams (1982)
Produced by Ralf Hennings from The Splash Band

A1 - I Don't Know What It Is
A2 - Transeuropa-Express
B1 - Come On And Do It
B2 - Come On And Do It (Short Version)
4 tracks / 37'45 @ 256 k

+ Transeuropa-Express (Short Version)

3 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

Love the Claudio Mingardi and David Bowie remix of STARMAN. Makes me feel like a teenager so full of hope all over again :) Havent checked out the other uploads but will soon enough. Thanks!


BirdFLU a dit…

Any ideas on where to find more PL stuff? Searching for PL on Google or Yahoo returns soooo much unrelated stuff.

Slothy a dit…

Thanks, a nice bit of serendipity here for a sample spotter like me!