lundi 20 avril 2009

[RCA] - RCM 6 - Jacques Erdos - Contrepoints 'Baroque Synthétiseur' (1982)

Sounds like Tetris soundtrack.......

My rip @ 320.

A1 - Prélude
A2 - Rigaudon
A3 - Aria
A4 - Toccata
A5 - Pavane En Canon
A6 - Variations
A7 - Gigue
A8 - Fugato

B1 - Fantaisie
B2 - Choral En Mineur
B3 - Ricercare
B4 - Invention En 5-8
B5 - Choral En Majeur
B6 - Gavotte
B7 - Canon
B8 - Imitation


5 commentaires:

alphabet a dit…

you always come thru with some heat... Much props man!! Keep it up(pause)!!

Anonymous a dit…

Am in retro 1990s computer rpg nirvana with this perfection of music which warps reality into a wondrous fantasy world to frolick in.

Yes it does have that TETRIS sound which was common in the late 1980s and 90s with video games. A sound i truly adore from such classics as COLUMNS with its church like sound :D

Will definitely be putting this into my ELDER SCROLLS IV OBLIVION music folder to enhance the mood to speechless audio highs!

Thanks Paul Durango for enriching our lives so much and reminding us how good life is which in turn makes us want to make it as good for those less fortunate. You see you were planting seeds and not even knowing it :D

Now let me get out of here before i bore you with my rantings of appreciation.


Anonymous a dit…

Oji your life nourishing work shines brightly with the brilliance of echoes illuminating across the parallel strings of eternity where all things meet and are as one.

Love the sound of your music Oji. Its like jumping into a dream reality television. A place where every moment of action,bliss and tension is a adrenaline trigger to explore further. Imploring the senses with mind opening endorphines the doors of natural revelation. A heroic adventure of flesh and spirit. Thank you for the audio pleasure :D


Anonymous a dit…

Great blog you have here, loving the Walter and Tony Carey stuff, plus all your affiliated blogs works. You wouldn't by any chance have an album by "Zadri & Mo - Erebus"? Can't find it anywhere, heard good things about it too. Great line up.

onesecbeforetheend a dit…

I'd love to have a re-upload of this please...