mardi 14 avril 2009

Tony Carey - In The Absence Of The Cat (1982)

Someone who gets us a better/proper cover gets a free meal !

Recorded at Hotline Studios, Frankfurt, from January to August 1981. Produced by Peter Hauke for Rockoko Production. All instruments and vocals by Tony Carey, exept drums by Frankie Banali & Hartmut Pfannmüller, and electric guitars by Reinhard Besser. Tony himself commented later on : "Absence of the Cat was kind of demos. I was working in a studio. This guy had invested some money in the studio, so I guess he had a right to put it out. But it wasn’t anything to put out."

=> early 80s Rock and Pop demos.. Still good !

Tony Carey - A1 - In The Absence Of The Cat
Tony Carey - A2 - Walk Away
Tony Carey - A3 - Bella Vida
Tony Carey - A4 - Round & Round
Tony Carey - A5 - You & I

Tony Carey - B1 - Play Guitar
Tony Carey - B2 - Marcie
Tony Carey - B3 - Hunting Season
Tony Carey - B4 - Neon
Tony Carey - B5 - Company Man

2 rather different rips (160 & 192), 103 Mb.

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