samedi 18 avril 2009

Roger Roger - Magie Du Synthétiseur - Mooglight On Classics (Perspective PER8001, 1980)

Great 'classical stuff handplayed by robots and vintage synths'.

This one was first ripd'd by Philips from paintedonsilence (on hiatus..) several months ago.

I found mine today ; scanned it, renamed, tagd, cover assigned the files..

A1 - Le Vol Du Bourdon (Rimski-Korsakov)
A2 - Marche Turque (Mozart)
A3 - Barcarolle (Offenbach)
A4 - Danse Du Sabre (Katchaturian)
A5 - Wagner On The Rocks (Wagner)

B1 - Danse Du Feu (Manuel de Falla)
B2 - Aria (Bach)
B3 - Hora Staccato (Dinicu-Heifetz)
B4 - Romance En Fa (Rubinstein)
B5 - Mouvement Perpétuel (Paganini)

76 Mb @ 320 ! H.E.R.E.

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litlgrey a dit…

JOY upon this firmament!

Anonymous a dit…

Oh and the scans are wonderful! :D