vendredi 17 avril 2009

Walter Christian Rothe : The belgian music

Chers amis,

Walter Christian Rothe - Solitude (1982)
A1 - Take Off
A2 - Solitude
A3 - Robot
A4 - The Return
A5 - Sunrise

B1 - On The Beach
B2 - Marleen's Solitude
B3 - Promenade
B4 - The Old Castle
B5 - Gentle Waves

Walter Christian Rothe - Let The Night Last Forever (1985)
A1 - Intro + Dawnfall
A2 - The Next Leaf
A3 - Tea-Dance
A4 - Sahara
A5 - Death

B1 - Radio
B2 - Verena
B3 - Hymne
B4 - Let The Night Last Forever

=> Lovely! If you dig your 80s ambient properly.............

Amicalement vôtre,

Roger Moore.

5 commentaires:

deemo a dit…

Merci x 1000 ;-)

khoral a dit…

Listening to Dawnfall, that's really good

shinn a dit…

Belgian music has inspired a lot of christian music writers and artists in our time.

Anonymous a dit…

Would love love love to have more WRC

Audiozobe a dit…

New for me, I did not know this musician. I'm enjoying his quirky style a lot. Thanks for sharing!