mardi 14 avril 2009

Tony Carey - No Human (1982)

This one's great.

Kindof a 'Mainstream Explorer' ! a bit more cheesy disco, with vocoder and nice drum machines..

Tony Carey - A1 - Spy Music
Tony Carey - A2 - Leave The Room Poodle
Tony Carey - A3 - The Weight
Tony Carey - A4 - Superman

Tony Carey - B1 - Why Me
Tony Carey - B2 - Power Tools
Tony Carey - B3 - Belonging To Me
Tony Carey - B4 - Modern Time
Tony Carey - B5 - Pinball Express

Sounds like a cassette rip but that's all there is around.....
40 Mb, 160 kbps

6 commentaires:

Geraldo a dit…

My friend, thanks for all. Do you speak portuguese?

Trisha a dit…

Thanks force 10!

Geraldo a dit…

Paul, this site is incredible. Very good place to find the best and rare music. Thanks, thanks.

basso a dit…

Superb album! Like it a lot more tahn the Heaven LP. Thanks a ton!

Trisha a dit…

Alors j'aurais du dire : Merci à la puissance 10 !

Joe a dit…

Legend! Thanks :)