samedi 3 janvier 2009

Tony Carey - Yellow Power (1982)

Found this one around.. (at dmvl's if i recall correctly.. SO THANKS !)

Tony Carey - A1 - Hai Samurai
Tony Carey - A2 - Tojo
Tony Carey - A3 - Queen Of Scots
Tony Carey - A4 - Megawar
Tony Carey - A5 - Blue Fusion

Tony Carey - B1 - Train To Nowhere
Tony Carey - B2 - Yellow Power
Tony Carey - B3 - Peking Duck
Tony Carey - B4 - Radio Tokyo
Tony Carey - B5 - Dynamite


84 Mb / 320 kbps => here !

nappy hew YEAr !

8 commentaires:

v ed a dit…

i really like the palooski edit of "hai samurai" so it'll be nice to hear the original and more songs by this artist.

Anonymous a dit…

thanx for sharing this!

Cheebs a dit…

This album is so freakin coool!!

I already showed it to a few buddies i know who use the moog. Love it!!


khoral a dit…

Awesome, thanks
I love Carey

V ! a dit…

been loving dirty space disco selection since they introduced the sound to me. i am happy that my ears can now enjoy whole yellow power. Thank YOU!

Dante a dit…

any chance for a repost? Why did you stray from mediafire and downgrade to rapidshare??

Paul Durango a dit…

because its easier for me.

Audiozobe a dit…

Everytime I discover a new album from your blog, I can't help but think: where were these records all my life?

Thank you so much for sharing!