samedi 3 janvier 2009

Tony Carey - Explorer (1982)

My soulseek is wonderful.
01 - Enjaw J
02 - Transit To Nowhere
03 - No.8
04 - Megawar
05 - Queen Of Scots
06 - Blue Fusion
07 - Dynamite
08 - Rabbits
09 - No.14
10 - Yellow Power
Enjaw J (Curt Cress Remix)
50 Mb @ 192 kbps
More from him would be super great.

7 commentaires:

khoral a dit…

Wow, that's just great
Is it me or the tune "Yellow Power" ends up too soon?
Sounds like the end has been chopped off

Paul Durango a dit…

Yep it seems that the last track is 30secs shorter than it should be.. But that's the best you can have by using slsk i guess ;)

khoral a dit…

The rest is amazing anyway

Tim a dit…

incredible album! thanks so much for posting this :)

JIRO a dit…

Great post, for anyone who wants the complete version of the track Yellow Power, it was also released on a Gomma Compilation called Teutonik Disaster a few years ago that I highly recommend.

Zoasterboy a dit…

Thank you so much for this upload!

shawn phase a dit…

thanks a bunch good sir!