mercredi 14 janvier 2009

1970 Forgotten French Oddities

MORE obscure french stuff to sample/listen !

Everything's from 1970.

Alias 1930 - Messieurs les directeurs artistiques (1970)
Benoît Rome - Bonne année (1970)
Bobby Sherman - Easy come, easy go (1970)
Danyel Gérard - Sexologie (1970)
Franco Angeli - Vous, mes amis (1970)
Geneviève Ferreri - L'Arc-en-ciel (1970)
Gérard Palaprat - Les Orgues de Berlin (1970)
Grand Jojo - Tiens c'est la belle vie (1970)
Grand Jojo - Tireli coin coin (1970)
Jean-François Michaël - J'ai tout laissé tomber (1970)
Jeanie Bennett - On s'aime si bien (1970)
Joel Malmaison - Fa, fa, fa (1970)
Le Quartet de Lyon - Ringo (1970)
Marc Hamilton - Comme j'ai toujours envie d'aimer (1970)
Michel Héron - Amélie (1970)
Poupougne et Chloé - Rends-moi ma fleur (avec Van Poupougne) (1970)
Robin McNamara - Lay a little lovin' on me (1970)
Tony Alexi - Je ne suis pas Beethoven + Crescendo Groupe - La Musique de Chopin (1970)
Zaza - Le Père Noël est un hippie (1970)


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aceha1 a dit…

You are the fucking man, Paul. That's about all I can say! You have changed the game for me! BTW, I got "The Sparrow" by Waylon from you and never commented.. my bad! You are dope!

Grokav aka tael a dit…

Hello i just discovered thios wonderful blog I ve found sounds that i ve never dreamed that they could even exist, i especially ap@reciate your choice in soundtracks and the selection of french odds but unfotunalt the links are blocked for the oldest part of th January 2009 publication is there a way to get theses incerdibles selctions ? anyway how communicate together maybe I have some odds japanese or frenchs LP that you don t have already in stock a big big thanks for thework you ve done and make my dreams comes true

jeaniebennett a dit…

Hello, I recorded On'saime si bien in London in 1970. My favorite recording of my career in France. I cannot figure out how to listen to it. Can you help?

rogelio a dit…

y'a t'il un moyen de retrouver ces compilation de 1970 à 1979 , car les liens sont mort , merci a toi paul !!!!

rogelio a dit…

sinon y'a pas un moyen de les avoir sous megaupload ou rapidshare à nouveau !!!