vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Barry Gray - Space 1999 (1975, TV soundtrack)

Ultra Groovy Supa Sound Soundtrack I've been hunting for months now........ Finally found it!


Barry Gray - 01 - Theme From Space 1999
Barry Gray - 02 - Breakaway
Barry Gray - 03 - War Games
Barry Gray - 04 - Deaths Other Dominion
Barry Gray - 05 - Dragons Domain
Barry Gray - 06 - Collision Course
Barry Gray - 07 - End Credit Theme
Barry Gray - 08 - Space 1999 Theme (Reprise)
Barry Gray - 09 - Mission Of The Darians
Barry Gray - 10 - Black Sun
Barry Gray - 11 - End Of Eternity
Barry Gray - 12 - A Matter Of Life And Death
Barry Gray - 13 - Earth Sound
Barry Gray - 14 - The Last Sunset

From the splendid TV show 'Space 1999' in which earth's nuclear wastes storage facility explodes (on september 1999..), knocking the moon out of its orbit (.. eheh.. the facility is on the moon you see..), rushing it and its 311 inhabitants into outer space.

Awesome series. 70s visual effects, gear, costumes. Metaphysical plots..
Will grab the dvds as soon as I'll get the chance.


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Deemo a dit…

Excellentissime, c'est vraiment la caverne d'Ali baba ce blog, mille et un mercis.

Kingteddy a dit…

Superbe , il est regrettable qu'avec un tel sujet de la lune qui quitte son orbite et les perspectives que cela peu amener dans une série , personne n'en est fait un remake avec la technologie actuelle .

Anonymous a dit…

One of my favorite shows from the late 1970s here in the states I watched on weekends as a child just before the saturday night horror movies would come on. Amazing its cult following and reruns still going on to this day. Thanks very much for this Paul Durango!


Horatio Hufnagel a dit…

THANKS! Love your blogs!

Paul Durango a dit…

Thanks, me too!

Anonymous a dit…

Barbara Bain was so sexy!

Anonymous a dit…

Superbe Blog, merci pour toutes ces pépites !