samedi 31 janvier 2009

[Crea Sound, Mondiophone] - 46.537 - Georges Rodi - Actual 2

Brought by our SUPER friend Archigram, here's a top 'spacy-electro n' ambient' LP !

Tracklisting's as follow :

01 Actual 24
02 Actual 25
03 Actual 26
04 Actual 27
15 Actual 38
16 Actual 39
17 Actual 40


17 tracks @ 320 kbps!

GREAT and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! -- super rip !

Its here!

8 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

excellent thanks

dreamtime a dit…

thanx for sharing - what is your user name at soulseek? let me know and I add you to my list - i'm "dreamtimemix" - maybe you can find something in my share - cheers!

fslmy a dit…

thanks Archigram, very cool

litlgrey a dit…

See the faslimy! See how tasty he is!

uncle mike a dit…

been hitting replay a lot on this album... anyone know if the other releases by this guy/ on this label are as incredible?!

litlgrey a dit…

What does that mean? What are those names?

litlgrey a dit…

GROWL is the message. GROWL, I decry!

Telek et Stilla a dit…

Could you re-up, please.