vendredi 12 septembre 2008

This week's officially crazy (and it ain't over).

.. this week's hunt : 70 LPs / 5 Go..

That's crazy.

Mucho mercis to Gonzo, faslimy, devan, Miguel and phylips ( from : )

By the way, i have some music you could enjoy.
It belongs to the " library music " musical genre.

Maybe it rings a bell.

[JW Theme Music] - JW 443 - George Fenton - Forcefield
[JW Theme Music] - JW 444 - Derek Austin - Synthasia (1980)
[Boosey & Hawkes] - SBH 3073 - Tod Dockstader - Electronic (1979)
[Chappell] - LPC 1051 - Lee Mason And His Orchestra - Music By Lee Mason (1972)

The first three are 1979-1981 early electro, vintage synths stuff. Analog fields, drum machines, ambient.. SUPERBE STUFF.

The last one is 'Pop à la groove', worldy (bossa, jazzy..), soul-jazz.. Very nice even if summer's gone.

Devan pleases the general with those.

2 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

The Chappell is nice too, I tell you.

Maïorov Simpleton a dit…

I was looking for the Derek Austin 'Synthesia', also known as IA 427 on Impress. Too bad your account is closed... Any chance for a reup ?