dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Francesco De Masi - The Big Game OST (1972)

Francesco De Masi - 01 - The Story Of A Dream (Main Title)
Francesco De Masi - 02 - Tomorrow Is A Foreign Land (Vocal Melody)
Francesco De Masi - 03 - The Night Is Ours
Francesco De Masi - 23 - Running Against The Time (Album Version)
Francesco De Masi - 24 - The Story Of A Dream (Album Version)


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IR e L a IXI a dit…

Pual you are the man! i requested for the this like two days ago. but i never knew you had this posted!!
thank you very much for this post!
much appreciated.

IR e L a IXI a dit…

haha! I requested for this at your other blog.

Martin Hentschel a dit…

this is great..many thx

Hrangue a dit…

Nice drop!

Anonymous a dit…

Big thanks for this one.

Dimich a dit…

Thank you very much, Paul!
Awesome collection!