vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Jacques Loussier - The Mercenaries OST (aka Dark Of The Sun) (1968)

GREAT soundtrack very Morricone-like by french jazzman Jacques Loussier.
Jacques Loussier - 01 - Main Theme From Dark Of The Sun
Jacques Loussier - 02 - Claire's First Appearance
Jacques Loussier - 03 - The Mercenaries
Jacques Loussier - 11 - Curry Kills Henlein
Jacques Loussier - 12 - Friendly Natives Having Fun
Jacques Loussier - 13 - Main Theme From Dark Of The Sun
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L a dit…

I'm accustomed to Lussier doing jazz takes on Vivaldi, Satie and Bach. This should be a change of pace. Thanks.

Anonymous a dit…

Thank you very much for this soundtrack, the main title song is really interesting, it's really appropriate to the mood of the film.

Anonymous a dit…

link is dead.

Anonymous a dit…