vendredi 26 septembre 2008

[Montparnasse 2000] - MP 81 - Sylvano Santorio - Pop Guitar Sketches N°2

Just found this one on Moogsensations great blog!

Posted some time ago so I'm a bit slow sometimes...........

Anyway, here it is, properly taged, renamed, re-eq and stuff..
Any indication of the year of release ? (arrgh.. Montparnasse 2000...... they didn't care or what ??!!)

This one is non-stop-groovy hits, grab it if you don't know it ! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Reminds me once again that David Holmes didn't invented anything for Ocean's soundtracks... (well, he's just another great DJ and that's good enough for me..)

A1 - Sylvano Santorio - O.K. Cob
A2 - Sylvano Santorio - Soft Waves
A3 - Sylvano Santorio - Country Fire
A4 - Sylvano Santorio - Father O Reilly

B6 - Sylvano Santorio - First Call
B7 - Sylvano Santorio - Percussion Sketch N°1
B8 - Sylvano Santorio - Deftly
B9 - Sylvano Santorio - Scrappy

18 tracks / 82 Mb @ 320 kbps
! HERE !

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litlgrey a dit…

My folder has proper front and rear art for the LP, but I don't remember where I picked them up... maybe

Paul Durango a dit…

Right! Thx!

house303 a dit…

Thank you! This is a great post!
Anybody knows what happened with paintedonsilence ?

litlgrey a dit…

Phylps MAY have communicated to someone that he was intending to take a bit of a break after the Roger Roger mega-post, and may be planning another glorious invasion, but has now been on silent running for eight days, and I'm not personally able to confirm any of this.

house303 a dit…

What's even more strange now is that all his links are erased from his page.

PHSStudiosRJ a dit…

Successfully added Thanks