lundi 8 septembre 2008

Blade Runner - Voight Kampf

Bootleg by Duncan.
Good job !
01 Los Angeles 2019
02 Tyrell's Rachel
03 Streets of LA and Memories
04 Pris and JF Sebastian
05 Deckards Dream and Zhora
06 Leon and the Business
07 The Bradbury and Tyrell
08 Playing the game and Finale

Good bitrate / 240 Mb / 3 parts
part 1 - part 2 - part 3

6 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

'07 The Bradbury and Tyrell' is 128 kbp!

Anonymous a dit…

Very good, although Voight Kampf suffers from being sped-up due to evidently being sourced from PAL-format video.

steven169 a dit…

I think that the copyright holders should release the tracks themselves if they want to get paid for it. Blade Runner fans would buy any official releases as well as the bootlegs. I applaud the new compilation and can't wait to get a copy, (lossless if possible).
Good luck with the project.

Anonymous a dit…

Is this site dead now?

Anonymous a dit…

well, that's going to change.

Anonymous a dit…

Well the "collectors" are living in this past. If this was a new film we wouldn't have this issue the music if now releasedld have been leaked somehow, then released. But in any case all this is moot, anything that hasn't been leaked yet will be. Those few who are bieng selfish by holding onto what they have and not share it will change NOTHING.