vendredi 4 avril 2008

Paddy Kingsland (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop) - Fourth Dimension (1970-1973)

" Fourth Dimension is a 1973 compilation album by BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Paddy Kingsland.
Although it was credited to "The BBC Radiophonic Workshop" it was the work of Kingsland alone, and was the first album of Workshop music to feature only one artist. It features theme tunes that were used by a number of BBC radio and TV stations.
The music prominently features VCS 3 and "Delaware" Synthi 100 synthesisers, both from Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd, with a standard rock-based session band providing backing. The track "Reg" featured as the B-side to the 1973 single release of the Doctor Who theme. "
A1 - Scene & Heard A2 - Just Love
A3 - Vespucci
A4 - Reg
A5 - Tamariu
A6 - One-Eighty-One
B1 - Fourth Dimension
B2 - Colour Radio
B3 - Take Another Look
B4 - Kaleidoscope
B5 - The Space Between
B6 - Flashback
34 Mo / ~ 150 VBR

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Lemoncat,, a dit…

brilliant and a compelling banana.. thanx for all the top class moogyness, fantastic :)

geo1976 a dit…

For some reason, I'm having trouble downloading this album from mediafire. Is there another way to get this album? Thanks

ric a dit…

Take Another Look was theme music for a science programme of same name aimed at teens. Aired until mid/late 1970s. "Vespucci" was one of the tracks the BBC used as filler music on BBC2 when there was a break in programmes and TV transmitter information got shown instead (in those days of the early 1970s BBC2 was a supplementary channel that didn't broadcast shows all day).