lundi 14 avril 2008

Gershon Kingsley & Leonid Hambro - Switched-on Gershwin (1970)

01 - Rhapsody In Blue
02 - I Got Rhythm
03 - Porgy & Bess Intro And Opening Scene I
04 - Summertime
05 - My Man's Gone Now
06 - It Ain't Necessarily So
07 - Clara, Clara
08 - Crown's Killing
45 Mo / Good VBR

2 commentaires:

Armpit Studios a dit…

Hot damn! I've been looking for this for years. I used to listen to my brother's copy on vinyl over and over. It introduced me to Gershwin. To think that it's been more than 30 years since I've heard this. I'm psyched.

Capi Stevens a dit…

Me too!! I thought this was impossible to find. Thank you very much! I listened to this over and over again when I was in university.