lundi 14 avril 2008

Gnesta-Kalle And His Moogmen - Ny-Gammal Kultis (1973)

New upload -- 4 more tracks !
Swedish folk mooged!
01 - Tivedshambo
02 - Valsen Om Frans-Oskar
03 - Pettersson
04 - Midsommar På Maderö
05 - De Vi Vill Ha
06 - Rallare-Polka
07 - Schottis På Viggsön
08 - Man Får Ta Vad Man Kan Få
09 - Sylvia, Sylvia Vänta På Mej
10 - Juni-Bruden
11 - Jag Sänder Dej Solsken
12 - Flickornas Trallhambo
26 minutes tracklisting.
60 Mo / 320 kbps (some distortion on the horns on some songs.. can't do anything about it..)
! HERE !
Upload by our good 'swedish moog guru' friend Lasse, pay him a visit on :
Here are his comments regarding the LP :
Polar was a big record company in Sweden , they had such artists as ABBA in their stable and several other Swedish artists.
One of the artists was Gnesta-Kalle, named after his birthplace Gnesta, and he was a big artist in Sweden playing accordion. One day Stig Andersson, owner of Polar and co-writer to a lot of ABBA’s earlier songs, thought it would be nice to combine this accordion with a moog.
He asked Gnesta-Kalle, or Rune Gnestadius which is his real name, if he wanted to try it out. G-K agreed and Stig asked Benny Andersson of ABBA if he would like to contribute to the album by playing moog on it and considering Benny’s passion for accordion playing he didn’t hesitate at all and agreed to play.
21 Mo old rip here

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ABBA member Benny Andersson is playing the Moog on this one!

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