vendredi 4 avril 2008

Camarata - The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie (1972)

" What do you get when you combine Erik Satie with a bunch of stoned hippies, a chamber orchestra, and a Moog? It is hard to tell what would happen today, but in the 70s this resulted in the album "The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie, featuring The Moog Synthesizer with The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra", released in 1972 on Deram, a Decca subsidiary. "
53 Mo / 39 tracks / 192 kbps

3 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

thank you for this album.
too bad that it didn't feature trois gymnopedie. i would enjoy listening to a synth-version of satie's famous piece (beside gary numan's well done version of it).

Anonymous a dit…

I remember this came from WMFU's great blog - make sure to have a look. These guys are real pioneers.

Beaumont Plaisir a dit…

Thank you very much !
This is a brilliant record !