lundi 28 avril 2008

Eden Electronic Ensemble - Plugged In Joplin

This one's awesome.
Well, most of the lps posted on this blog are awesome but this one's a bit bove the average.
01 - The Entertainer
02 - The Chrysanthemum
03 - The Cascades
04 - Ragtime Dance
05 - Elite Syncopations
06 - Sunflower Slow Drag
07 - The Strenuous Life
08 - The Entertainer [Reprise]
Good VBR / 42 Mo

5 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

This looks great! Can't wait to hear it. A million thanks for sharing! Great site!


Michael a dit…

Thank you so much!

Anonymous a dit…

I have downloaded and listen to it. And I think is not awesome at all. In fact, I found this very poor and lame, with no musical idea about what it is an adaptation from one register to another. I think you haven't listen Bach's transcriptions from Vivalid's concertos, to have a model or comparison. Nevertheless, if you liked, that's OK with me, but I think this is one of the lamest albums I ever heard, and I heard many many music.

...Mr Fab a dit…

"i'm tryin to understand joplin who?"

Ha ha, SCOTT Joplin! the King of Ragtime.

Tho, both he and Janis were from Texas. Hmmm....

Wish there was a version of "Maple Leaf Rag," but fun stuff nonetheless.

Heather a dit…

I just found my cassette tape of this from when I was a kid. My parents took me to the Grifith Observatory to see the Lazarium show with this music. I was looking to see if I could find a CD of it for my kids now. Thank you.