lundi 12 avril 2010

thinking about a NAS..

that's right people...

i'm thinking Synology 410j + four 1.5Tb hdds in RAID5 .. connected 24/7 to the internet..
in order to back-up all the music (around 1To), pics/vidz/stuff I art (1To) and movies and misc (1To).. and share the whole SHEBANG with a few people..

It's pretty cheap for a Syno (400$ without hdds..)

Does someone use it ?
Is cool ?

4 commentaires:

upkerry14 a dit…

I guess I don't understand but how would this enable you to share the whole shebang?

upkerry14 a dit…

So you'd need an FTP address/PW etc..... I do FTP via Firefox. I'm game to see if it works. I tried somethign like this and found it immenseley complicated.... I'm curious to see if you can do it.

Caitlyn / CPI a dit…

My question would be would you ever have bandwidth issues on your home network that might muck up FLAC streaming?

Or what about HD video?

Or would this be more for copying from, and not streaming?

Paul Durango a dit…

I guess I'd have bandwidth issues but you can always configure the thingy so each user can't use ALL the bandwidth..

Indeed, if you're dealing with a 4Gb bluray rip that can become messy..

I went with the Synology 410j ; it's cheap (bought four 1.5tb drives, I have now 4Tb in RAID5 for around 600 euros) but it's slow (~ 12 Mo/s on the home network)

One could go with the DS710+ (~ 100 Mo/s) but it cost 460 euros (WITHOUT any disk and it's only suited for 2 disks..) you then have to buy a DX510 (400 euros) to have something REALLY nice with 7 disks (2+5) .. 460 + 400 + 7 x 80 .. the s(l)ick system cost around 1420 euros ;-)