vendredi 16 avril 2010

des trucs à moi... VIENS!

early 2010 stuff by durangodurango

If you think I'm the new Lady GaGa (with my extended use of Auto-tune, 90s dance beats, no humour what-so-ever AND deeply thinking i'm a mix of Björk and Madonna that will rock your world) I'd be happy to sign a record deal with you.

That is if you actually own a record company.

If you don't, well, try to enjoy my stuff as much as possible anyway.

And I don't mean to be a pain in the a$$ but..

.. you know I too have the weird satanic looking red hat.
I can put it on my head if needed.

And I have a beard.

Best regards,


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Vlad a dit…

Absolutely! Where does the sample come from btw (I swear I won't tell nobody)? My guess is some Joe Dassin song, not sure though.

Vlad a dit…

Oh, sorry -- I meant violins sampled in Women's Prison.

noelakadjtambour a dit…


SVEN MES a dit…

haay mister paul,
my name is sven mes and joining the deejaycollective called b-kant (that says b-side in dutch). . . . .
we play a wide range of rarities from perzian folk to turkish kraut, and on and on.
we do have a wide range of members starring well known belgian music artists like mauro pawlowski (dEUS), jan wygers (millionaire, creature with atom brain, vive la fête) and founders of music magazines.
we also give parties around belgium and press records. i would love to press a 7" of your stuff, it really fits in our range of style.
in november we plan a new party in antwerp and brussels with our b-kant posse and andy votel (finders keepers label)
that is a short/long intro saying:
please contact me

Ugo Capeto a dit…

Ouais, c'est pas mal ce que tu fais. Viens voir mon blog, je compose aussi a mes heures perdues. A+, Ugo.

Armpit Studios a dit…

Are these tracks available for download or purchase?

While Lady Ga Ga doesn't have a beard, there are rumors of a penis.

Paul Durango a dit…

haha ! yeah !

a (commercial) album comin soon.. a few electro tracks under 'Paul Durango'

and willing to work/produce for TV/radio/movies/music music.. unbeatable price (more or less nothing..) to get as far as possible from me dayjob.

Not desperate.. HUNGRY !

contact : library.emporium kATk