jeudi 15 avril 2010

new tracks...

early 2010 stuff by durangodurango

If you think I'm the new Lady GaGa (with my extended use of Auto-tune, 90s dance beats, no humour what-so-ever AND deeply thinking i'm a mix of Björk and Madonna that will rock your world) I'd be happy to sign a record deal with you.

That is if you actually own a record company.

If you don't, well, try to enjoy my stuff as much as possible anyway.

And I don't mean to be a pain in the a$$ but..

.. you know I too have the weird satanic looking red hat.
I can put it on my head if needed.

And I have a beard.
She doesn't.

Best regards,


5 commentaires:

Sr. Você a dit…

I like it! Cool!

Paul Durango a dit…


I use Acid to sequence, Sound Forge to edit and ALOT of virtual vintage synths (moog, ARP, polysix, CS80, chipsounds, VSM, Prophet, MS20) and some hardware (alesis metavox, percs..) .. been messing with loops for 3-4 years.. hopefully someone will release a proper album someday.......

klaten a dit…

terrible tes morceaux, et bien nourris aux sons vintages !!!!!!

Suecae Sounds a dit…

Listening to Prison de femmes, very original and quirky stuff you've got.

Paul Durango a dit…

thx guys! Appreciated.